Secure and sustainable responsibility

We are constantly working towards acquiring the industry's best environmental profile and today we are an accident-free, healthy and responsible company that systematically works with CSR-related issues. Our products have a longer service life, which means they do not need frequent replacement, and in doing so we contribute in reducing the global footprints.

With carefully controlled chemicals we deliver a cleaner product. Consequently we have been rewarded with world-class environmental certificates, including bluesign® (read more below), Oeko-Tex® and are also tested and approved for flame.  Our production is also governed by the REACH Regulation, which is the European Parliament’s and the Council of Europe’s body for control of chemical substances.


ACG Accent 2010 became the first bluesign® certified producer of product labeling. A bluesign® certificate requires that all components in the product meet the requirements of environmental, workplace safety, consumer health and the preservation of the earth's resources right from the start.

With this certificate, we are able to guarantee all customers a really good environmental standard without compromising on quality or design. We always strive to be a role model for the industry.

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